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Legal Environment/Total Rewards

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You have been hired as an HRM consultant. You have knowledge of all of the legal constraints an employer faces. The head of your consulting team, your boss, asks you to prepare a persuasive paper for some potential clients. These clients are employers who believe in the motivational aspects of employee benefits, but they are struggling to find the best and most cost effective benefits to offer to increase employee effectiveness and productivity. In your paper, discuss two or three employee BENEFITS that provide great opportunities to increase employee productivity--contributing to the bottom line. In your paper, offer specific details and provide private-sector examples (include employers by name) to support your recommendations. Be sure to also discuss the challenges (problems) of offering these specific benefits.

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One cost-effective benefit that provides great opportunities to increase employee productivity, are bonuses that can be provided for achieving certain levels of sales or other output productivity within a given organization. In this type of incentive/benefit program management within the organization can set out a minimum number of units of a particular product that must be sold, or the number products that must be produced within a given industry for that week, in order to qualify for a certain level of monetary bonus. An example of an organization that utilizes this type of incentive or benefit scenario is the Mazda auto dealership, which ...

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