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    Human Rights and Mission Statements

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    Written Assignment:

    1. Write a 250 word explication (Essay 1) of how you believe places of employment might both reinforce, as well as potentially violate, human rights resolutions, both domestic and global.

    2. Research some Mission Statements of several corporations. You can readily access such statements online by doing a brief search on Google. You might want to look at Johnson and Johnson, LG Electronics, and General Electric as examples, although you can choose statements of the greatest interest to you and your professional interests, even that of your current employer. Formulate a general 250 word Mission Statement (Essay 2) of your own that you believe could serve as a general guideline for policies concerning problematic ethical issues.

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    Companies create both reinforcement and violations by their policies of hiring and layoffs, as well as the opportunities to move up in the company. Often the company that is global has the most difficulty in making their company completely human rights responsible because they do not understand or condone the actions of the society in which they operate. If a company hires a woman in a country or society that frowns on the female working outside of the home or with men, then they are promoting a violation of the human rights because the woman will be ostracized or otherwise "injured" because of her position in the company. Something that the West considers okay may not be fine in another country. For example, the episode with Richard Gere and the actress and the kiss ...

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    A discussion on how organizations promote and hamper human rights. A generically written mission statement.