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    What do check and balances mean, and how do they function?

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    1)What do check and balances mean, and how do they function?

    2)What areas of the Constitution pertain to your organization or business?

    3)What are differences between the burdens of proof for civil and criminal trials?

    4)When can a person be tried civilly and criminally for the same incident?

    5)What are the advantages and disadvantages of alternative dispute resolution?

    6)What are the advantages and disadvantages of the discovery process?

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    1. Checks and balances are used in references to the political system in the United States as we have three branches of government and not one branch has more power than the other. In order to pass a law, or enforce a law, the branches have to work together in order to "check" and "balance" their power and make sure that not one branch runs off with too much power. For example, while the President may nominate a Supreme Court Justice, ...

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