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Business Law Questions 1.1

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I don't understand the following question can you please explain the questions - Business Law Questions Chapter 1.1

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1) Eve tells frank that she would like to buy his store. Frank decline but later decides to sell. He sends Eve and others a flyer describing the details. Eve responds with a letter of acceptance. Eve and Frank have.
A) Contract (B) no contract, because Frank sent the letter to more than one party (C) no contract, because Frank was only inviting bids (D) no contract, because the letter was an invitation to negotiate

2) Coverage Interstate, Inc (CII) coordinates an insurance network that includes 1 million potential patients. By contracting with CII, a medical provider gains access to the network in exchange for accepting payments at a lower than prevailing market rates. Doctors, Inc., contract with CII but, when a few patients are forthcoming, files a suit to recover the different between the contract and market rates. Under the reasoning of case 9.3, Seaview Orthopedics v. National Healthcare Resources, Inc., the court will likely rule that the contract is.
A) enforceable because ...

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