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    According to "Montana: Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act." The state laws protecting whistleblowers vary enormously, but none of them protect whistleblowers who turn to the media first. Discuss why you think this is so?
    Explain why it either encourages or discourages ethical behavior.

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    I think whistleblower protection is needed, but the Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act actually defends the employer rather than the emplooyee. Since this law came to practice for businesses to follow, this makes it where everyone has to decide how to act ethically or unethically. However, this law encourages unethical behavior, and employees are not able to keep their job when they do whistleblow. In fact, many firms frown upon ...

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    This solution provided an opinon on the Montana: Wronful Discharge Employment Act, and whether or not it encourages or discourages ethical behavior.