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    Affirmative Action programs

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    Please be very cognizant of an open minded and fair tone in this question, and demonstrate the sensitivity to diversity that the University wishes to foster. None of us would choose to offend any classmate with our response.

    Questions: Given your experience and knowledge gained, and in light of the recent California legislative action to prohibit state-sponsored programs, do you believe there have been positive benefits in Affirmative Action programs? Do you believe they should continue? Please feel free to give examples of successful implementations or not-so-successful examples, and be willing to qualify and explain your answer by geography or other factors. Often your answer may be couched in the context of whether your firm would implement a voluntary program, and reasons why.

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    In my opinion, there have been many positive benefits of Affirmative action programs. There are numerous success stores that clearly depict the positive impact of Affirmative action programs. Therefore, they should definitely continue.

    First of all, the importance of affirmative action programs lies in the fact that "Race" and "Color" still rule the minds of people in USA. Discrimination still persists in the country and thus, a strong need for affirmative action arises. Secondly, the whole concept behind Affirmative action program is misunderstood. Those protesting against affirmative action program are spreading misconceptions about the program.

    Affirmative action has been often ...

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    Do you believe there have been positive benefits in Affirmative Action programs?