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Liabilites and Legal Principles

TNT has hired Tom in the electrical section. After Tom was hired he began a dating relationship with Karin. After weeks pass the relationship turns bad and they have confrontation at the work place. After their relationship ended, Tom continued touching Karin in an unwelcomed way even though Karin continued telling Tom to stop. He would not stop even after the warnings.

Tom later suggests to managers that Karin's work has begun to lack standard due to "lack of interest." Karin decided to get away from Tom by being transferred to the Wire Coating department where she would not be under Tom's control. Tom blocked the transfer citing that women who worked in that section and exposed to those chemicals could cause harm to an early-state fetus being carried by a newly-pregnant woman. Tom argued that TNT could not place her there because they would be liable if she became pregnant.

Karin believes that this was a way for Tom to keep his thumb on her and besides that discriminating based on sex is illegal.

What liability, if any, does TNT have in this situation?

What can and cannot TNT do?

Identify what legal principles (statutory or case law) support the claims.

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First and foremost, if TNT follows Tom's guidance and recommendations they will face significant legalities. First, it is not Tom's decision to make the call whether Karen should or should not work in the Wire coating department for fear of becoming pregnant. That is a ...

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