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    What does it mean "be objective"

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    What does it mean to be objective? I also need a reference.

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    Good question! Let's take a closer look through definition and example.


    1. What does it mean to be objective? Also need a reference.

    To be objective means that you set your personal "subjective" opinions aside, and analyze the information without being influenced by personal beliefs, values or prejudices. Decisions that are based on observable phenomenon and factual information are said to be objective (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/objective). A person will collect 'factual' information and from the number of possible alternatives will then choose the best option. This is considered being objective in decision making.

    One way to be more objective in your decision making is to use a code of ethics and the guiding principles in all major decision making. This limits the chances of your personal 'subjective' values and opinions from entering the decision making process. Values in codes of ethics are considered universal and thus objective measures of truth. A system of inquiry also helps a person to look at the problem objectively, as the system of inquiry is used to analyze ethical behavior (or not) through collecting facts and make a decision based on the observable facts (e.g. problem definition, coming up ...

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