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    Weyco® Incorporated Fires Employees Who Smoke

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    •The e-Activity presents two contrasting points of view. The employees who have been laid off and Weyco® Incorporated have different interests and desires, and the decision made by Weyco to provide employees who smoke with an ultimatum—quit smoking or leave—impacts these two parties very differently. Determine whether any personal rights are in dispute between these two parties. Compare and contrast the ways in which act utilitarians and rule utilitarians might respond to Weyco® Incorporated's decisions differently.
    •Based on the e-Activity, compare and contrast the different ways in which utilitarians, libertarians, and Rawlsian egalitarians would evaluate Weyco® Incorporated's decision to lay off employees who smoke. Defend the position you find most compelling with good moral reasoning.

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    In this situation it does appear that personal rights are in dispute between the two parties, due to the fact that the organization has given the employees an ultimatum to quit smoking or leave, which impedes upon their personal freedoms when they're not at the worksite. If the employee or gave him an ultimatum in which they were told to quit smoking at the worksite or leave, then there would be no personal rights in dispute, due to the fact that employers have the right to ...