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    Professional Dilemma and Values: Ethics

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    Prepare a 700-1050-word paper analyzing a professional dilemma and values conflict that you experienced before you began your major course of study or during your program of studies at school.

    Describe the experience:
    a. What was the ethical issue you experienced?

    b. Who was involved?

    c. What was the relationship of the other individual(s) to you?

    Analyze the ethical dilemma:
    a. Was there a difference in power and authority? Explain.

    b. What were the ethics in question?

    c. What personal values were in conflict?

    d. What were the potential outcomes?

    e. What were the potential consequences to you and the other parties involved?

    Evaluate the outcome:
    a. What was the outcome at the time?

    b. What were the consequences to you and the other parties involved?

    c. Based on what you have learned since you began your program of study and through your continuing work experience, would you handle the situation differently or in the same way? Explain.

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    The affair of two of my co-workers is the ethical issue I have been faced with since entering the workforce. The two co-workers are Sally who is married with two kids and John who is also married and expecting his first child. Sally and John have been spotted countless times entering and leaving private areas together while on company time which is also known as stealing time. This offense can lead to termination if caught by the right people or proven by their insubordinates such as myself. I am not friends with Sally or John, but I do work in the same department as them both. Some of the other people in the department have caught wind of their little affair and are planning to inform the department head as well the owners of the company and Sally and John's partners because their supervisor basically denies any knowledge of the affair as he is John's fraternity brother and wants to be able to use the information down the line as a negotiating tool ...

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    This is a tutorial analyzing an ethical dilemma in a professional experience one may have encountered. Ways of handling and solving this problem is discussed.