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    general locations for building a key production facility

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    Manychip has determined that there are three possible general locations for building a key production facility:

    1) a rural location in the southwest United States that has offered major tax incentives and promised to make Manychip exempt from certain local environmental restrictions
    2) an overseas location in Southeast Asia that will provide low cost labor, no tariffs consisting of 12 - 25 year old employees that have been well-trained
    3) a major metropolitan U.S. city that is the most optimal from a workflow standpoint, has minimal tax incentives and more stringent local restrictions with the potential for an excellent employee pool (numbers and quality)

    Using course materials and other research:

    1. Identify the ethics implications of each alternative: postulate what situations might prove problematic and describe how the company should handle them.
    2. Identify the methods the company should use in making the final decision on this facility location.

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    Obviously, there is a lot to consider and even more if given more detailed, specific industry information. Based only on the information given, I will attempt to give some ideas on each specific number.

    1. Rural location makes for low taxes, space for growth, lowered environment regulations, but the pool of candidates needed may not have the needed education, meaning high ...

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    General locations for building a key production facility are considered.