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Employee Participation Programs: Ethics

Regarding employee participation in corporate decision making, what are five strong ethical reasons that support a worker's right to participate? List these reasons and provide a brief explanation of each. In the last 30 years, the number of employee participation programs has expanded geometrically. Are these programs sufficient to provide the types of "meaningful work" we have discussed previously, or do you think true participation would require changes to the free market system itself? Explain.

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Five strong ethical reasons to support an employee's involvement in corporate decision-making entails the proven analysis that employee participation represents an effective strategy for leveraging human capital resources as corporations that engage in employee participation have better outcomes because of their capability to draw upon ideas from diverse technical capabilities of employees across departments.

In addition, employee involvement in corporate decision-making assists in reinforcing task identity, which represents the completion of a ...

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This is a response looking at the relationship between ethics and the worker's right to participate.