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    Describe a best or worst ethical behavior - Detailed Example

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    Reflect on the role of leaders in an organization and their influence on the ethical culture of the company.

    Then, complete the following without identifying companies or names:

    * Consider your best experience in working for someone who demonstrated the best of ethical behavior. Or, consider what has been your worst experience in working for someone who demonstrated the worst of ethical behavior.

    * For the situation selected, describe the characteristics of each person from an organizational values approach. In other words, what stated corporate values were modeled or ignored by this person? What effect did it have on the organization? Do not use real organization or personal names in your response.

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    One of the worse cases of ethical behavior I have ever seen demonstrated was having to work day in and day out under the leadership of an Operations Manager who regularly ignored the company's core values. Specifically, this manager's arrogance and unchecked behavior was regularly targeted at minorities and women in the workforce. Being a company located in the Southern United States, this manager had come from the "old school" way of doing business and regularly displayed unfair treatment of employees and bias toward specific ethnic groups in regards to situations of discipline, promotions, and rewards for performance. For ...

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    Under this type of leadership, the manager blatantly disregarded the values of integrity, individual, and leadership. This resulted in a work environment that was at odds with each other. Morale was low, employees feared for their jobs, great talent consistently left the organization only to be replaced by employees that fit the manager's idea of what a leader should look like, regardless of their ability to lead.