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    Analyzing Organizational Processes: Legal and Ethical Issues

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    Read the attached case study and answer the questions at the end. Questions are located on page 5.

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    1. The ethical and legal issues in this case are that the accused individuals engaged in fraudulent practices by stealing money from the company, falsifying business documents, misappropriating company funds, and deceiving the shareholders by concealing stock information. Also, the company made no particular effort at protecting the public from those unfair practices.

    2. Tyco's corporate culture was that of a lack of accountability from the management team, especially if the officer led to increase profitability for the company. For example, Gaziano led an extremely luxurious lifestyle until his death. Although that lavishness changed after he was replaced with Fort, many of the existing employees had a hard time adjusting to the change. One of those employees was Kozlowski who later ...

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    This solution offers a review of Tyco Company's organizational processes and offers methods for improvement.