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    Religious Entities as Not-for-Profits

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    Should religious entities qualify for non-profit status? Explain the reason(s) for your position.

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    No, religious entities should not quality for non-profit status because they behave as that of a for-profit organization (i.e. behave the same as the world). Upon receiving this opportunity, they enjoy the tax exempt status and allow the government to take over within their churches as they please by telling them what they can and cannot do, whenever that was not the case on how it was originally intended. For example, in a 501(c) 3 organization, they are not allowed to talk about politics, but every time I have gone to them they push for a specific party, so in many ways they are not complying in regards to this idea. The non-profit status should not even exist, and religious businesses should not have it. ...

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    This solution discussed whether or not religious organizations should have non-profit status.