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    Workplace Communication.

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    Workplace Communication

    I need assistance with the below, please.

    Prepare a 800-word minimum paper in which you address the following - be sure to use the points below as "headings" - show references inside paper; use APA format: (title/references pages are not included in above word count):

    • Provide three examples of behaviors that indicate the existence of conflict among employees.
    • Describe how the channels of communication influence employee relations.
    • Identify best practices for conflict management?

    Cite at least two "different" references

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    Workplace Communication
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    Workplace Communication
    Behaviors that Show Conflict among Employees
    Behaviors that show conflict among employees are employees being argumentative, being critical of each other, and expressing dominance (Borchers, 1999). When employees become part of a team, there is normally a period of time where each employee has to find the comfort zone they can work within. Sometimes, without appointing a team leader, one or two employees may become more assertive and dominant. If this happens, the other employees will start to become critical of that person and escalate to arguments within the group. This is very unproductive and serves no purpose.
    In order to address conflict in the workplace, it is necessary to figure what causes it. Many conflicts are seen as negative aspects in the workplace, but actually they open the door to resolution once recognized and addressed. There are eight causes of conflict and they are as follows:
    1) Conflicting Needs
    Employees compete with each other for money, power, and promotions. It can be over office space or a change in title. "There is no surprise when the 'have-nots' gripe and plot against the 'haves' (Bell, 2002).
    2) Conflicting Styles
    All employees are different. No two are the same. This leads to conflicts in personalities and the way jobs are performed. Some employees are used to working in a structured environment and others are ...

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