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    Communication in Organization

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    Although organizational development can be an effective way for companies to remain competitive, only about two-thirds of change efforts are actually successful. Why do you believe organizational development is so difficult?

    Think of a barrier to organizational development that you have personally experienced as an employee or that stands out to you as being common. Explain why you believe this barrier is challenging for organizations as well as what you would do to overcome it, if you were faced with change in your organization.

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    Organizational development is a difficult area because many people and groups in workplaces resist change. Generally, the larger the organization is, the truer this becomes. People get set into their ways, and they don't want to see change happen even if the change will benefit the organization. Fear is a commonality with change, and when there is change, it brings fear of the unknown. This creates an ...

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    This solution explains the main points of organizational development that are so difficult to employ. This solution also discusses barriers to organizational development within an organization and ways to overcome those barriers.