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    "Sierra's Theory of Communicativity."

    How much is communication valued in your organization?

    How can we measure the impact of good and poor communication have on our business?

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    Communication is valued immensely within my organization. For example, we have a room in which we can provide ideas for improvement, or can use notes to put in a drop box in order to make sure that management is aware of what needs changed. This is especially true at the YMCA, where I conducted a study at for school. The people that work there feel comfortable around there supervisors, so they in turn are able to let them know that this is what they believed needs changed. In fact, I learned that they were one step ahead of me on what needed changed before I mentioned it to them. I would have to say that this is the case for every organization, but a lot of it depends on leadership ...

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    This solution discussed how much communication is valued in an organization and how can one measure the impact of good and poor communication in business.