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    Workload and Resourcing Perspective

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    Can someone please help me interpret this slide from a "Workload and Resourcing Perspective"? Specifically, what is the slide saying about the amount of work required and potential resources (manpower/manhours, etc...) required for those three years years (i.e. 2006, 2007, and 2008).

    The only thing that I can determine is that each requirement (i.e. 1 thru 14) presents a by-year total quantity requirement. Other than that, I can't tell what the slide is saying in terms of 1) an increasing or decreasing workload by year and 2) what it is saying about required resources to be successful for each year over the next three years.

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    From the powerpoint, I can determine that each department or production unit presents a by-year total quantity produced. You also need to understand that in order to produce a unit of a product, the company requires to make input in the form of ...

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