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    Analysis of Co-Education at Dana Hall

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    Place yourself in the position of the new general director, Elaine Betts, as she prepares to meet with the mission review committee. Focus on the following topic for presentation:

    Is it time for Dana Hall to embrace co-education? Develop a strong rationale for or against the notion of introducing co-education at Dana Hall. Is it a good idea? What are the pros and cons? Provide a strong argument with evidence to back up your position.

    Provide an analysis of the problem and your preliminary action plan, in detail.

    See the Harvard case:
    Dana Hall: Funding a Mission
    By F. Warren McFarlan, Herman B "Dutch" Leonard, and Melissa Tritter
    January 2007

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    Dana Hall: Funding a Mission (A)

    Problem Statement
    Given its current financial situation and the inevitable changes in societal demographics, how can Dana Hall reposition itself?

    The biggest consideration in identifying solutions to the above problem statement is the school's long term financial sustainability and the preservation of its values.

    Embracing Co-Education

    Though it is generally believed that single-sex environment worked well for students, they appear to be more confident, more academically engaged, and happier than their coeducated peers; this belief is difficult to prove. It appears though that the touted benefits of single-sex education are nothing more than carefully crafted marketing and branding strategies.

    Furthermore, given the trend in single-sex education, competition and rivalries among schools, and the dwindling enrolment, and hence revenues at Dana Hall, it is high time for the school's administration to assess whether its current mission and fundamental structure are still sustainable given the changes in its business environment.

    Finally, given the above, it is high time that Dana Hall's administration ...

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