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    Preparation of an annual operating budget

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    I am trying to create an annual operating budget that is broken down by department, for a healthcare facility. For example: emergency room, intensive care unit, pediatric unit, facilities, and overall master budget. All of my budgets for the individual departments must be properly proportionate to the overall budget. I'm going to end with an executive summary summarizing the budget.

    I have done a number of made up budgets thus far and I am beginning to understand the process much better, but I would like to compare them with a budget for a pretend hospital to see how it differs when there are numerous departments involved and it all has to be brought together - to better understand the relationship between departmental and total facility budgets.

    I have included a power point that I did using some made up figures and trying to reflect certain goals for an example of figures for revenue, expenses, increases, etc......This might help a little bit to answer my questions now. I know I'm still new to this, but I'm trying!!

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