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Capital budget

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DeAngelo Corp.'s projected net income is $150.0 million, its target capital structure is 25% debt and 75% equity, and its target payout ratio is 65%. DeAngelo has more positive NPV projects than it can finance without issuing new stock, but its board of directors had decreed that it cannot issue any new shares in the foreseeable future. The CFO now wants to determine how the maximum capital budget would be affected by changes in capital structure policy and/or the target dividend payout policy. Versus the current policy, how much larger could the capital budget be if (1) the target debt ratio were raised to 75%, other things held constant, (2) the target payout ratio were lowered to 20%, other things held constant, and (3) the debt ratio and payout were both changed by the indicated amounts.

Increase in Capital Budget
Increase Debt to 75% Lower Payout to 20%
Do Both
a. $114.0 $73.3 $333.9
b. $120.0 $77.2 $351.5
c. $126.4 $81.2 $370.0
d. $133.0 $85.5 $389.5
e. $140.0 $90.0 $410.0

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The solution explains how to measure the impact on the capital budget of changes in debt ratio and payout ratio

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The net income is $150 million and payout is 65%. Equity retained is 150X(1-0.65)=52.5 million. The target capital structure is 25% debt and 75% equity, so the retained income would fund 75% of the capital budget. Total ...

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