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Healthcare budget

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The scenario is in an acute care hospital setting:
- What is an operating budget?
- What is a capital budget?
- Why is a capital budget developed separately from the operating budget?
- What is the definition of a capital budget item in a organization?
- An example of a possible capital request in an organization?

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What is an operating budget?
An operating budget defines a company's estimated revenues and expenses for a set time period, usually 1-year.

What is a capital budget?
A capital budget defines a company's ability to make a large purchase (i.e. property, plant and equipment initial purchase or upgrade). The ...

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Solution is comprised of defining an operating budget and capital budget and answers the question why a capital budget is developed separate from an operating budget. Also defines what a capital budget item in an organization is and provides an example of a possible capital request in an organization.

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I have applied to take charge at 3 facilities (Nursing Home, Acute Care Hospital & Veteran's Hospital). I am currently being considered to take one of the positions. (Chose just 1)

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