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    Joournal entries for bond transactions

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    A company issued two unrelated bond issues this year, as follows:

    a. $350,000 of 8%, 20-year bonds were issued at par on April 1.

    The bonds pay semi-annual interest on April 1 and October 1.

    b. $500,000 of 7%, 15-year bonds were issued at par on February 1. The bonds pay semi-annual interest on January 1 and July 1.

    The company ends its accounting year on December 31.

    Prepare all journal entries associated with these bond issues for the year.

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    a. Since the bonds are issued at par, the amount received would be the same as the face value of the bonds. The journal entry for bond issue is
    April 1 Cash Dr 350,000
    Bonds Payable Cr 350,000

    The semi annual interest is 350,000 X 8%/2 = $14,000. The journal entry for interest payment is
    Oct 1 Interest Expense Dr 14,000
    Cash Cr 14,000

    The year ends of ...

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