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    NPV, Bond Price & Stock Price

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    3. NPV:
    You have an opportunity to invest in a business that will pay $200,000 in one year, $400,000 in two years, $600,000 in three years and $800,000 in four years. You can earn 12% per year compounded annually on a mutual fund that has similar risk. If it costs $1.2 million to start this business, what is the NPV & should you invest?

    4. Bond Price:
    What is the price of a 25-year, pure discount bond that pays $50 at maturity if the current yield-to-maturity is 8 percent?

    5. Stock Price:
    Suppose a firm just paid a dividend of $10 per share. Future dividends are expected to increase at a 5% annual rate. The required return is 25% per year. The value of the firm is estimated as:

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    Problem Set - Week 6
    Please show all work.
    1. Future Value and Compounding
    Compounding: How much will $1 invested today at 9% be worth in two years?

    FV = $1.1881 or $1.19

    2. Present Value and Discounting
    Discounting: How much is $1 that we will receive in two years worth today (r = ...

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