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    Bond Valuation With a Non-Flat Term Structure

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    Suppose you observe the following prices for zero-coupon bonds (pure discount bonds)
    that have no risk of default:

    Maturity Price per $1 of Face Value Yield to Maturity

    1 year 0.97 3.093%

    2 years 0.90

    a. What should be the price of a 2-year coupon bond that pays a 6% coupon rate, assuming
    coupon payments are made once a year starting one year from now?

    b. Find the missing entry in the table.

    c. What should be the yield to maturity of the 2-year coupon bond in Part a?

    d. Why are your answers to parts b and c of this question different?

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    a. Present value of first year's cash flow = 6 x .97 = 5.82

    Present value of second year's cash flow = ...

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