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Top Employers Ranking for Compensation and Benefits

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Research about top employers, prepare a chart listing the employer, the ranking on the list, and the compensation or benefits that was cited as a reason.

Next, review your list of employers. Can you make any determination from that list? Is there a pattern that makes for a top employer in compensation and benefits?

Prepare an analysis of your findings in a report and conclude with a recommendation for your current or desired HR manager. Explain what standards you think are critical to becoming recognized as a top employer with excellent compensation and benefits policies. In other words, create the standard you think your company should follow.

Analyze the chart for data patterns of characteristics of a top employer for compensation and benefits.

Recommends standards for a company to follow in order to be recognized as a top employer with excellent compensation and benefits policies.

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This is a very interesting assignment; this will give you an opportunity to identify future employment and future career goals as it relates to earnings and benefits.

CNN money provides the statistics for top employer's you can find this at http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/bestcompanies/2010/index.html

You need to first decide on the criteria you will use. -
For example if you decide to ...

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The top employers ranking for compensation and benefits is examined.

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