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    Balance sheet: Completion through ratios.

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    Please help with the given problem:

    Complete the balance sheet given total assets and total liabilities. Assets side,Find values for Cash, Accounts receivable, Inventory, Current assets. Liabilities side find values for Accounts payable, long-term debt, total liabilities, and common equity. Current ratio=6, inventory turnover=8.0, debt ratio=20%, total asset turnover of 1.0, average collection period of 30 days, and gross profit margin of 15%.

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    The attached Word document provides a solution on how to prepare a balance sheet with incomplete information.

    The remaining parts, of the balance sheet, are calculated through ratios.

    The solution provides detailed explanations with calculations, for the problem.

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    You use the formulas to derive the unknown values
    1. Current Ratio = Current ...

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    The attached solution provides steps and guidelines, on how to complete a balance sheet. The balance sheet is completed by using the relationships, expressed by ratios, between different elements.