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The importance of sampling

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Why is sampling so important? Some people have argued that sampling is not beneficial, because important aspects of the population may be omitted. Do you agree or disagree with that line of thinking?

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Question) Why is sampling so important?
Answer) Sampling is important because it gives us an idea of what is happening in the population. The sample represents the population as a whole, and from the sample, we can make conclusions about the population. Of course, it is best if the entire population can be surveyed, but this is often costly and time-prohibitive. In contrast, sampling is much cheaper, and faster, and more practical. Since sampling takes less time and money, researchers can conduct sampling for many different research topics. For the same amount of time and money, only a small number of research topics would be explored if the entire population were surveyed. Sampling is a good ...

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The solution contains over 400 words of text explaining the importance of sampling, why it could be better than surveying a population, and how to decrease the likelihood that the sample is not indicative of the population.