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Internal and External Auditors Duties

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Please help getting started on some research on the topic of what internal and external auditors do covering the following items:

*providing information to users of the audit like investors
*providing information to business owners
*meeting the needs of managers
*responsibilities to the audit committee
*evaluating what a company says about itself via the financial statements.

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Running Head: AUDITING

Internal & External Auditor

Information to the Users of Audit
Investor expects the auditors as the public watchdog. In order to provide the information to the users, the auditors audit the financial statements of the organization. The audit of the financial statement and the financial disclosure are performed by the auditor in order to ensure the investors and users that the financial information presented in the financial statements of the company are fair or not. Auditor also provides assurance to the investors through the various degrees and aspects (Moeller, 2008). He also performed the fraud detection process for the investors in order to provide fair financial position of the business to the investors.
Information to the Business Owners
The internal and external auditors also provide the information to the business owners. The internal auditors perform the control ...

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