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Internal vs. External Auditors

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Internal vs. External Auditors

While internal auditors and external auditors should have complementary interests and goals, there are differences in their scope of work. For this discussion, explore the advantages and disadvantages of selecting outside independent auditors versus internal auditors for various attestation work. Discuss ways in which internal and external auditors could coordinate and work together. What other factors, if any, have an effect on the decision to outsource various attestation work? Consider issues such as sample size, audit evidence, time of year for audit, and the political environment.

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This is a 439 word comparative of internal and external auditors. It outlines the scope of work each perform and gives insight to their value to an organization. This solution has 1 reference and compares and contrasts auditors, as well as, shows how they work together.

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Internal Vs. External Auditors
Auditing is a very important part of a company's on going success. Companies utilize both internal and external auditors for different reasons all together. Both processes are very important to a company's success. This being said, what are the differences between internal and external auditors, and when should they be used?

The Comparison
The objective of an internal auditor is to promote sound risk management for a company, and to promote internal controls that will help the company as they continue operations. The goal of the external auditor is to test transactions that form the basis of the financial statement; they make sure that accounts are true and fair. The governance of ...

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