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    Global Analysis on KFC expanding to Japan

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    Global Analysis (We had to pick a US company and was going to import/establish itself into another country - we chose KFC going from US to Japan)

    1. Introduction/Description of organization (describe company - provide some history)
    Description of product / service

    2. Mission Statement for organization
    Regional analysis - what regional economic association does Japan belong to (example : Japan belongs to APEC / what others?)

    3. Brief political and economic history (very brief history of country and original members of APEC or other associations that Japan belongs to)
    Regional alliances - what other members are in the group ... how do they react with each other ... supportive etc.

    4. Country's role/position within the region (what does Japan supply to others?? Where does Japan stand with other countries within APEC and other associations?)

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    Global Analysis

    Mission Statement of KFC in Japan

    The mission statement of KFC for expansion of business in Japan will aim at the growth and development of the business in Japan. It will be according to the economic regulations and business environment prevailing in Japan. The company will produce according to the requirement of the Japanese people and will give them full satisfaction. This will help in increasing the revenues of the company. KFC will also aim at providing quality products and services.

    It will provide unique services for the customers and will aim at product differentiation for the customer. This will help in increasing the customer value for the company. The mission of KFC in Japan will be governed by the rules and regulations of the regional economic association. Japan belongs to the APEC association which determines the trade and investment relations of Japan (Bradford & Duncan, 2000).

    Regional Analysis: APEC stands for Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation and it is a forum of 21 Pacific Rim countries. It has been formed with an aim of discussing the regional economy, co-operation, trade and investment. Regular meetings and conferences are held for economic co-operation. Japan has developed significant relations with APEC as 41.34 percent of the direct investment from Japan goes to the APEC region and the percentage keeps on increasing. For further developments of the Japanese ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 879 Words, APA References