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    Chile and Brazil, political and legal risks

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    I have a huge project to do. The first part of the project is to ascertain the political and legal risks to establish a business that produces water filtration products in Chile or Brazil. I am having problems obtaining this information. Does anyone know of a website that could provide this information? Does anyone know of any risks associated with these two countries in the political and legal arenas? Thanks so much for your help.

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    Going through your school library, you might be able to access reports from businessmonitor.com or marketresearch.com. Sites such as the cia.gov and then clicking on the World Factbook can give enough information to make an educated guess about the political and legal risks as well as the viability of any risk in the country. If you were to go to the site, you would find the information about Chile to be favorable for development. The president was elected in 2005/2006 and the next election is scheduled for this December. The president is elected democratically and appoints the cabinet. The National Congress is elected as well, by popular vote. Every four years, half of ...

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    A discussion of the political and legal systems of Chile and Brazil and the risks in doing business in each. References are included.