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Workplace Harassment: why are men less apt to report

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Why are men fearful of reporting workplace harrassment:

I need information on identifying and assessing the risks and the alternatives involved with workplace harrassment.

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The issues for men have to do much with fear of embarrassment and ridicule. Males especially if they are being harassed by a female coworker are less likely to report harassment due to the male stereotypes of being the dominant sex. Men are not quick to state that they are unhappy due to unwanted sexual advancements from females.

There is an increase in the number of reports from males. This is in part due to a prevalence of other males harassing males who may exhibit effeminate traits, or who may be of the homosexual orientation. This type of harassment tends to be male to male and is often between heterosexual men. Sexual orientation is not predictive of the risk of being harassed.


A record number of men reported being sexually harassed in the workplace last year, ...

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500 words looks at why it is more difficult for a 'typical' man to report harassment due to fear of ridicule than it might be for another person.

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