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    Arroyo Fresco Case Study

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    Analyze the organization and develop a new organizational strategy for the Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center. The strategy should be formulated using the information from the case study, including an analysis of the results, and should take into account current concerns including health care reform, the political environment in Arizona, the state of the economy, and leadership and management principles learned during the course and financial capability.

    Discussion of new strategy and whether it is financially viable.

    Analysis of results of Chapter 7 and the research completed

    Specific goals/recommendations for the future including generation of revenue.

    Description of how strategy will be executed and measured

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    Discussion of new strategy and whether it is financially viable:
    The new strategy is to balance the mission to serve against tight fiscal environments at federal, state, and local levels. The strategy has difficulties in it being financially viable. The strategy has two approaches. One is to decrease overall cost-to-serve and indirect patient costs as well as to increase net income. This proposal is difficult because a large number of patients are to be served. Another aspect of the new strategy is to address workforce gaps. The strategy is to provide clinical and other staff with technical skills. This strategy is also not financially viable because employee training costs are high. Training staff with specific technical skills can also be costly. The third part of the strategy is to increase prevention care and avoid the occurrence of chronic and communicable disease in service areas. The weakness in this strategy is that it seeks to develop internal and external resources to address the unmet health care needs in the service area. The problem with this strategy is that developing resources requires further financial resources that may be difficult to obtain. The fourth objective of the strategy is to provide unmet service needs to uninsured patients. The partnerships with state and local governments can increase the number of uninsured patients served. However, these patients will increase the costs and will create a further financial strain. These objectives do not appear to be financially viable. The fifth component of the strategy is to increase the satisfaction of employees, volunteers, and patients. The drawback of this strategy is that increasing satisfaction of employees may require an increase in compensation package of the staff. This is not financially viable.

    Analysis of results of Chapter 7 and the research completed:
    The three counties of Yuma, La Paz, and Mohave have been projected to perform better than the state-average CHC in 2003-2005. Also the screening for smoking is projected to be better in Yuma, La Paz, and Mohave than HCDI 90th percentile during 2003-5. Screening for depression in Yuma compares well with the state best CHC but the counties of La Paz, and ...

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