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    US vs. South Africa: Cultural Dimensions

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    What are Geert Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions? How do these apply the culture in the United States vs. South Africa?

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    Hofstede's five dimensions include: power distance, individualism, masculine/feminine, uncertainty avoidance, and long-term orientation. In the United States and South Africa, these have many divergences and comparable observations in terms of culture.

    The United States:

    The power distance is lower than fifty for the U.S. The people of the U.S. do not always accept the inequality of power and who has it. The country's citizens are protected by a constitution they believe in very highly and expect to work for them, in spite of their role in power. However, they do use this power to form grassroots groups that can affect power, and people in power in very real ways, changing the course of life, politics, business, and expectations. They can often change the entire culture, especially where it concerns acceptance.

    The citizens are also very individualistic and strive to be so. While there are pockets of people who act, dress, and perform work or leisure in ...

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    The United States versus South Africa cultural dimensions are examined. How these apply the culture to the United States versus South Africa are determined.