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    Health Issues in Africa

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    I picked Toxic waste disposal.


    #5 The impacts of climate change are not evenly distributed - the poorest countries and people will suffer earliest and most - and if, and when the damages appear, it will be too late to reverse the process.

    For this assignment we will be researching the unequal distribution of negative environmental impacts created by the wealthiest companies and countries and felt by the people in the developing world. Once again we will be exploring the responsibilities that corporations should have in mitigating, cleaning up, and avoiding these impacts.

    Research a case where corporations and industrialized countries benefited at the expense of the people and/or the environment in developing nations. Examples include:

    - The severe health issues in the oil fields in Africa
    - Floods in Bangladesh due to climate change
    - Toxic waste disposal
    - Start smoking campaigns in the developing world

    Pick one that interests you. Search using the terms 'environmental justice', 'intergeneration equity',  and 'eco-justice' to learn more about this issue and to find further examples.

    Write a position statement.

    - In the first paragraph describe the problem, being sure to cite references where appropriate.

    - The second paragraph should describe what role you feel that corporations have for addressing this issue, be specific as to which companies. In addition, you should talk about whom else, in your opinion, should be responsible for these issues.

    - The final paragraph should address what you think should be done to address this problem in the future, by local communities, companies, industries, countries, world bodies, or anyone else that you feel is appropriate. This discussion should have an emphasis on what needs to be changed in the system that produced these impacts.

    Three paragraphs on this topic are harder than it at first appears. Be sure to be succinct but thorough. After the three paragraphs cite all references.

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    The problem in Africa is that severe health issues are taking place. For example, HIV/AIDS as well as malnourishment is prominent as well as death in the Delta region. This is because of poverty in the region as well as militant groups coming in the region (Africa Action: Activism for Africa Since 1953, 2006). All of them are struggling to survive, but since the area is so poor, and corrupt politicians run it, this makes it difficult for anyone to survive such hardship. In the end, each person has to make a choice on either money or family, and in could get traumatized through all of it.

    Each corporation should take on a greater role in helping the poor who live in Nigeria, Africa, or the delta region. Some of these companies out ...

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    This solution demonstrates ways in which people are affected by war and how living in the oil fields in Africa makes it difficult for anyone to survive. A terrible tragedy is taking place there, and now is the time to do something about it.