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Tax return effects of at-risk and passive loss rules

How do the at-risk rules and passive loss rules can affect a tax return?

How is a gain on line 17 of form 1040 can be calculated?

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Starting with the Form 1040, line 17: an amount on the line can indicate net income or loss from rentals properties, royalties, farm rentals, partnerships, S-corporations and Trusts. The subjects are different and therefore the rules vary in determining the amount of income or loss to be reported. A positive amount on line 17 is taxed at ordinary income rates. Limitations with respect to loss taking are complex.

If you are reporting a rental loss, there are generally three types of limitations: amount of loss, part personal use (vacation home rules) and material participation in activity. Simply put, rentals losses are usually ...

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The 400 word solution provides a good introductory explanation of the rules for at-risk and passive loss limitations. The subject is complex and 400 words doesn't tell it all. The concepts are listed with examples to aid understanding of the three levels of loss limitations.