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    Service standards for commercial account servicing

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    Commercial account servicing. Setting benchmarks / service standards for how accounts are handled. Monitoring quality control. Devising benchmarks for efficiency and effective use of IT systems in the "backroom" activities.

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    1. Commercial account servicing.

    Commercial account servicing often require addressing a significant business issue. When doing so it is important to obtain and analyze the many different levels, formats, and granularities of organizational information to make the best decisions possible. Information granularity refers to the extent of detail within the information. It might be fine and detailed or coarse and abstract. Successfully collecting, compiling, sorting, and analyzing information can provide tremendous insight into how an organization is performing, identify bottlenecks and contribute to problem solving.

    2. Setting benchmarks / service standards for how accounts are handled.

    When setting benchmarks for how accounts are handled, it is important to understand that because Benchmarks are baseline values the system seeks to attain, these key performance indicators are measures that are tied to business drivers; also metrics are detailed measures that feed key performance indicators. Performance metrics fall ...

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    Service standards for commercial account servicing is examined.