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    Selecting and Evaluating a Sample for Tests of Controls

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    List the steps involved in selecting and evaluating a non-statistical or a statistical sample for tests of controls.

    Identify the professional judgments that must be made associated with each step.

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    1. Determine the test objectives.
    2. Determine procedures to meet objectives.
    3. Make a decision about the audit sampling technique.
    4. Define the population and sampling unit.
    5. Determine the sample size.
    6. Select a representative sample.
    7. Apply audit procedures.
    8. Evaluate the sample results.
    9. Document conclusions.

    1. The test objective should be reasonable, something that can be achieved with in a reasonable amount of time with reasonable resources.
    2. The ...

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    This is a discussion on evaluating non-statistical or statistical samples for tests of controls and the judgments associated with the steps of the evaluation.