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    Prepare a plan to manufacture a product to sell: relevant co

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    Assume you are running a business and must manufacture a product to sell. For this assignment, you will need to create a product and document the relevant costs. That means you will need to gather raw materials, supply the labor and overhead, and create the product. For instance, you can bake a cake, create a floral arrangement, build a birdhouse, make a doorstopper, make jewelry, etc.

    Prepare a plan of what is done during each step in the manufacturing process, and most importantly, an accounting for the cost of the materials, labor, and overhead that goes into the finished product.

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    The robot is loaded each morning with the program for the circuits by the ...

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    This solution presents the cost and process for making 2x3 circuit boards. The cost per unit is computed for a typical month for materials, labor and overhead.