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    Should the powers of the SEC be expanded or contracted?

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    Clearly many people believe that the US is generally over regulated and that departments such as the SEC go too far. Others think they do not go far enough. Accounting and financial information and rules are very much dependent on the SEC. What do you think? Has the SEC done a good job or are they simply in the way of an efficient market? Should their powers be expanded or contracted?

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    The main purpose of the SEC is to ensure fairness within the market, an efficient market, an orderly market, provide financial information and protect investors in the market. The SEC gets a mixed review. Over the past two years, the SEC has initiated a record number of cases. The 129 cases were brought against a variety of employees that are lower level. There has still been no case or charges against a top banking executive for their role in the 2008 financial crisis. Also, the SEC didn't capitalize on the opportunity to use their bully pulpit and a status to make a lot of regulation changes. In fact, Ms. Schapiro, who is the head of the SEC, was unable to convince the SEC board to allow her wide ranging changes in the ...

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    The expert determines whether powers should be of the SEC be expanded or contracted.