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    Performance Report and cost control report

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    Jim Smith, supervisor of the Harbor View Machining Department, was visibly upset after being reprimanded for his department's poor performance over the prior month. The department's cost control report is given below:

    Harbor View Machining Department
    Cost Control Report
    For the Month Ended June 30

    Planning Budget Actual Results Variances

    Machine-hours 35,000 38,000

    Direct labor wages $80,500 $86,100 $5,600 U
    Supplies 21,000 23,100 2,100 U
    Maintenance 134,000 137,300 3,300 U
    Utilities 15,200 15,700 500 U
    Supervision 38,000 38,000 0
    Depreciation 80,000 80,000 0
    Total $368,700 $380,200

    "I just can't understand all the red ink," Smith complained to the supervisor of another department. "When the boss called me in, I thought he was going to give me a pat on the back because I know for a fact that my department worked more efficiently last month than it has ever worked before, instead, he tore me apart. I thought for a minute that it might be over the supplies that were stolen out of our warehouse last month. But they only amounted to a couple of hundred dollars, and just look at this report. Everything is unfavorable." Direct labor wages and supplies are variable costs; supervision and depreciation are fixed costs; and maintenance and utilities are mixed costs. The fixed component of the budgeted maintenance cost is $92,000; the fixed component of the budgeted utilities cost is $11,700.

    Evaluate the company's cost control report and explain why the variances were all unfavorable.

    Prepare a performance report that will help Jim Smith superiors assess how well costs were controlled in the Machining Department.

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    Evaluate the company's cost control report and explain why the variances were all unfavorable.

    The cost control report is not correct. It is comparing a static budget with the actual results and that is resulting in unfavorable variances. The static budget is made for 35,000 machine hours while the actual are 38,000 machine hours. When machine hours increase, we would expected the variable costs which ...

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