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    Mutual Fund sales

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    As the fund manager for a large mutual fund, you are preparing for a conference call with all your major investors. You plan to e-mail everyone with an attachment that will serve as a guide for the upcoming call. You know investors time is limited so you want to be focused in your brief report. As there are numerous figures to discuss, you will be including one or more charts, all in the same, single document.

    For the following information, prepare both a paragraph of commentary, and an appropriate chart, to support the paragraph of commentary

    * Find the sales and profit or net income data for a major computer corporation from the last 4 years.
    * Calculate profit as a percentage of sales; be careful and have the correct decimal point.
    * Prepare a paragraph of explanation/interpretation of the data, as if this was a small part of a lengthy report to potential investors.
    * Prepare a chart to display all the information in a meaningful way.

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