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Journalizing Accounting Transactions

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Journalizing Accounting Transactions

Dana La Fontsee opened Pro Window Washing Inc. on July 1, 2012. During
July the following transactions were completed:

Date Transaction
July 1 Issued 15,529 shares of common stock for $15,529 cash.
July 1 Purchased used truck for $11,529, paying $2,018 cash and balance
on account.
July 3 Purchased cleaning supplies for $933 on account.
July 5 Paid $1,800 cash on 1-year insurance policy effective July 1.
July 12 Billed customers $4,850 for cleaning services.
July 18 Paid $1,013 cash on amount owed on truck and $534 on amount
owed on cleaning supplies.
July 20 Paid $2047 cash for employee salaries.
July 21 Collected $1,674 cash from customers billed on July 12.
July 25 Billed customers $2,603 for cleaning services.
July 31 Paid $363 for maintenance of the truck during month.
July 31 Declared and paid $623 cash dividend.

Journalize the July transactions. (Credit account titles are automatically
indented when the amount is entered. Record journal entries in the
order presented in the problem.

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