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    The Accounting Cycle: Steps

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    Record transactions in General Journal for January 2006 and complete all steps of accounting cycle.
    1 Invested $6000 cash and $2000 of equipment in the business.
    4 Paid salaries $300
    6 purchased $ 1200 equipments on account
    8 Purchased $150 supplies for cash
    10 Performed services for clients for which $1500 was collected in cash and $500 was billed to the client.
    12 Received $300 from a client on her account
    13 paid $700 on equipment purchased on 6th January above.
    16 Paid $300 insurance premium.
    25 Received $1800 for services expected to be completed by March 31st 2006.

    30 Withdrew cash for personal use $250

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