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Identify the bottleneck

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Deb Samson is the owner of a company that produces glass products, suh as shower doors, table tops, and specialty windows for recreational vehicles. The process involves cutting glass into the proper shape, smoothing the edges, heat treating, and packaging. The cutting process is automated and very rapid; two minutes are required to ut a piece of glass to the proper dimensions. The smoothing, heat treating, and packaging processes require eight minutes, ten minutes, and three minutes, respectively. A simple diagram of the process is shown below.

Cutting- 2 minutes
Smoothing- 8 minutes
Heat treating- 10 minutes
Packaging- 3 minutes

a. Identify the bottleneck or process constraint
c. Calculate the throughput for an eight-hour shift

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The expert identifies the bottleneck.

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Hi there,

The throughput of a process is defined as the inverse of the processing time.

In this case, the ...

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