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Horizontal and vertical analysis

The company balance sheets of Ramsey Corp. are presented below.
Ramsey Corp. Comparative Balance Sheets
December 31 2007 2006
Assets $ $
-current assets 76,000 80,000
Property,plant,and 99,000 90,000
Intangibles 25,000 40,000
-Total assess $200,000 $210,000
Liabilities and stock- $ $
holders equity
-current liabilities 40,800 48,000
long term liabilities 143,000 150,000
stockholders equity 16,200 12,000
-Total liabilities & $200,000 $210,000
stockholders equity

a.prepare a horizontal analysis of the balance sheet data for Ramsey corp. using 2006 as a base.
b. Prepare a vertical analysis of the balance sheet data for Ramsey corp. in columnare form for 2007.

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a. In Horizontal analysis, we calculate the percentage change in the value for each variable in respect to the base. For example the current ...

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