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    Grace Ho needs a better time and billing system

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    1. How can an automated time and billing system help Grace Ho and Associates?

    2. What technology is available to automatically capture a professional employee's
    time spent on a particular client engagement?

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    How can an automated time and billing system help Grace Ho and Associates?

    Installing and using an interactive time and billing program can accomplish an amazing amount of objectives:

    1. Any decent (and expensive) piece of software will transfer time input to both the client records and the employee records.
    2. Interactive posting (all during the day) will capture much more time than will weekly timesheets.
    3. Interactive posting will mean the time devoted to billing can be billed to the client as part of the engagement.
    4. Interactive posting will produce much more information about the work done, and most programs have unlimited amounts of space in which to type details of the work performed.
    5. Changing to tenths instead of quarter hours will ...

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    Capturing billable time for professionals in an efficient and time-sensitive manner is the subject of the solution. There are 17 objectives listed which a decent time and billing program can accomplish.