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Financing types and considerations abstract

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ABC Ltd. produces an MP3 player. The market for this product is increasing, and for this reason, ABC is planning to expand its production capacity. This plan requires new machinery and an increase in working capital that would be financed with borrowing.

Complete the following:

1. What are the main sources of finance that can be considered?
2. What are the main factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding on the mix of long-term and short-term borrowing necessary to finance the expansion?
3. Identify and discuss the major factors that a bank would take into account before deciding whether to grant a loan to ABC Ltd.

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There are several types of capital that a corporation such as ABC Ltd. can use to finance its production expansion. It is this type of capital that is used when financing is required above and beyond the normal on-going revenues. Each type of capital financing has its own pros and cons associated with it. It is important to know all of the aspects of financing to be able to make an informed decision. The first is equity capital or equity financing. This is when a company has a higher amount of current assets verses its current liabilities. It is also known as the net worth of the company. This occurs when the owner or shareholders input cash into the company without incurring any other liabilities. It also occurs when the company has the option to issue stock to raise funds. It is favored approach as it raised money without incurring extra debt. A ...

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A paper on risk management could analyze and evaluate the use of various strategies to manage financial risk or the application of enterprise risk management in an organizational context.

I have the following task, and I need some help getting started: Write a term paper, which must address theme within the context of a topic.

Theme: Risk Management
Topic: Analyze and evaluate the use of various strategies to manage financial risk or the application of enterprise risk management in an organizational context.

As a financial manager, discuss how to integrate the issue(s) into decision-making process. For example, would you use financial criteria exclusively? If so, which ones? If you would use non-financial criteria, which ones and how would you reconcile them with desired financial outcomes. Few managerial decisions have only a single solution. Also, there may be opportunity costs and risks that should be weighed.

Clearly state the issues that you are addressing and describe the organization(s) that are affected.
Where data are available, include a financial analysis that leads to your conclusion.
Where data are not available, describe in detail the type of analysis you would perform and the data needed to reach a conclusion.
Elect and defend the approach that seems most appropriate at this time. If you believe that there are evolving issues, state clearly what future actions you would recommend.

Be between 10 - 15 pages, plus appendices, exhibits, and references.
Include a one-page Executive Summary immediately following the title page that includes a statement of the major issue(s) and your specific recommendations. The content of an Executive Summary is similar to an abstract.
Properly cite reference sources (APA format): these may include course material, information from magazines, journals, and online sources. All reference sources must have a publication date no earlier than 2004.

Recommended Resources:

Yahoo: http://finance.yahoo.com;
Reuters (Yahoo will refer you here): http://www.reuters.com;
Edgar (SEC source of 10-K and other required financial reports; this is my saved "Favorite"): http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/srch-edgar; (EDGAR stands for Electronic Data Gathering and Retrieval)
Hoovers (general company information): http://www.hoovers.com;
Bloomberg (a good source of interest rate data): http://bloomberg.com/markets/rates/index.html;
Wall Street Journal free site: http://online.wsj.com/public/page/0,,2_0323,00.html;
Moody's (bond ratings): http://www.moodys.com;
Standard and Poors (bond ratings): http://www2.standardandpoors.com;
New York Stock Exchange: http://www.nyse.com/;
Bondpage (bond information): http://www.bondpage.com;
Federal Reserve (interest rates): http://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/h15/update/;
Vanguard bond site: http://flagship2.vanguard.com/VGApp/hnw/FundsBondsMarketSummaryTable; and
Bond Marketing Association (trade group) site: http://www.investingbonds.com

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